Wednesday, October 31, 2012

September Fair by Jess Lourey a Book Review

This is a young lady by the name of Mira who has left the big city of Minneapolis and moved to Battle Creek to find herself.  She works at the local library and also writes part time for the local newspaper.

In this book we find Mira covering the Milk-Fed Mary Queen of the Dairy contest at the Minnesota State Fair.  On her first day there covering she witnesses the murder of Ashley the much hated newly crowned Milk-Fed Mary.  Ashley is sitting in a refrigerated booth having her likeness sculpted out of butter as is the tradition and the power goes out.  Once the power is restored we find Ashely dead in the booth with the sculptor.  The story takes off from there.

We meet a whole string of comical characters as well as serious contenders for the title of murderer. The story takes us on a journey as Mira deals with her own issues as well as tries to solve the murder for Ashley's grieving Mother.

The book is an entertaining, sometimes funny read and I enjoyed it enough to read it in a matter of 3 a few days.  It would be a good book to read for fun on a long weekend or short vacation.

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