Friday, January 4, 2013

True Heart by Tawsha Nichols a Book Review

True Heart is the first book by the young author Tawsha Nichols.  It is slated to be the first in a 4 books series based on the life of a wolf pack and 3 foxes. The book consists of 222 pages and flows easily making it a quick read. 

In reading this I was able to actually visualize the scenery and each of the characters as their descriptions were so thorough.  I was quickly drawn into the surrounding and felt as if I was sitting on a ledge watching all of the action from above.

In the beginning we are introduced to 3 little foxes out in woods hunting and travelling together when they come upon a lone wolf sunning himself on a rock in a clearing.  From this one encounter the whole story unfolds before your eyes as we learn one of the foxes, by the name of Drigger, life story as he tells it to the wolf in an attempt to not become prey.

You travel with this unlikely band of friends as they track down and meet Drigger's den-mate, a wolf himself.  From there their life unfolds as they work to become part of his den-mates pack.  In the meantime though you meet another pack lead by a sadistic alpha and his female companions.  You will experience and read about the horrors of his reign over his pack which is in great contrast to the other packs lifestyle.

I don't want to spoil the story for anybody wishing to read it.  I will say that it is worth the read and I am now anxiously awaiting the second installment in the series.

On a side note.  There are a few grammatic errors and some typos and I think that with a proper proof reading and editing this book would have been flawless. This book can be purchased from in both paperback and Kindle format.