Monday, November 12, 2012

Close Your Eyes by Ellen Wolf a Book Review

This story is a romance set in England and it involves a set of wealthy privileged old money brothers and one girl named Meg.  The brothers, named Ry and Matt meet Meg the very first day of Kindergarten when Ry is dropped off by his Mother.  Matt, the younger brother, is screaming hysterically and making a spectacle of himself not wanting to be separated from his older brother.  Meg takes this scene all in with interest and notices Ry when he goes and comforts his little brother.  It is at this time that she decides she is going to marry Ry.

We fast forward to present day, with everybody grown and living their lives intertwined.  Meg and Ry are dating and in love and Meg is planning the perfect proposal in her mind egged on by her best friend and business partner.  Meanwhile, we learn the Matt has been secretly in love with her for years. 

The book has a good story and flows well.  It would be a great read while curled on a couch in front of a crackling fire.  It is a typical romance novel and I suspect that the boys were modeled after the Prince's William and Harry as I had images of them throughout the entire story.  With that being said, I would recommend this book if you are either a fan of the Royal Family or you just like a good romantic story.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Backyard Bones by Nancy Lynn Jarvis a Book Review

This book is a mystery written by a realtor named Nancy Lynn Jarvis.  The book is one of a series that she has written titled the Regan McHenry Mystery Series.

In this installation we find Regan,who is a realtor herself, dropping in to visit some clients that recently bought a home.  While dropping off a welcome basket, the new owners children run in with a skull and declare that they had just dug it up from the back yard.  And the story takes off from there. 

After that discovery is declared to be an Indian burial, the family finally gets back to their lives and Regan sells the house next to theirs to a Wiccan couple.  As you can imagine this causes a big uprising especially from a Pentecostal neighbor.  The next thing we know there is another body found on the original property and  again the boys have dug it up.  This time it is a whole different story, this girl is young and Regan knows the young girl to be a former friend of her son's.

Regan is apparently an amateur sleuth and she takes it upon herself to get involved and solve the murder.  She works with a friend that is involved in the law enforcement community where they live.  The case takes us down several wrong paths until we finally reach the conclusion with the correct murder. 

While this book was a quick read, it was only a mediocre book for me.  And to be honest, the entire time I was reading this book I was having flashes of Murder She Wrote.  My recommendation would be that if you enjoyed Angela Landsbury then give these books a try.  If you enjoy something a little deeper and more realistic then pass on this one.