Friday, July 20, 2012

Sex and Sunsets by Tim Sandlin a Book Review

What a bizarre book yet I couldn't seem to not finish it. The main character is a strange man in his early 30's by the name of Kelly Palamino, a hopeless dishwasher living in Jackson Hole.  He has several mental issues, one of which he thinks that water talks to him.  In this story his current wife which he married during their free spirited hippy, panhandling, free love phase has walked out on him and denied ever marrying him.  She has traded it all in to move in with a former friend that they once hung on the streets of New Orleans with during their drug hazed hippy life. 

One afternoon Kelly is sitting on his front stoop when he sees a young woman, Collette, in her wedding dress, punt a football and he decides at that moment that she is miserable and meant to be his true love.  This crazy man crashes their wedding and begins a long journey of stalking this girl and trying to convince her to leave her wealthy new husband to be with him. The lengths that this man goes through is just plain crazy and all the while the water is giving him advice.  In the meantime, the obvious occurs and Collete's weathly father in law makes every attempt to ruin Kelly and run him out of town or lock him away.  Why you might wonder?  Because Collette has some sort of weird fascination with this loser and can't keep herself from sneaking off the meet him.

The story takes on several twists and turns and occasionally I couldn't decide whether to feel sorry for him or think that he was a whack job that needed to be institutionalized.  I am still trying to decide if I actually liked the book or if it was just one of those freak shows that you can't seem to not watch. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Seizure Frustrations

In mid May, I started to have multiple seizures.  After 4 days in the hospital, I was told that it wasn't epilepsy and it wasn't a brain tumor.  Diagnosis was non-epileptic seizures caused by trama or stress.  The problem is that I have never had anything tramatic happen in my life nor do I think that I am overly stressed.  I was told that I couldn't drive for 90 days from last seizure nor could I work and I was sent to a counsellor to determine what my trigger was.  Verdict was that I was a tough case because there were no obvious triggers to address and stop the seizures.

I have been trying to find a doctor to review my information and see what they are missing but apparently getting in to see these guys is near impossible.  My FMLA runs out in a week and I have to go back to work. I still have seizures almost daily and suffer from short term memory issues. How do I deal with this?

If there is anybody out there that has experienced something like this, I would appreciate some feedback on what you found out and how you dealt with it.